How Printed Circuit Boards Changed the World

Nowadays, technology is so advanced that it can often make time fly by without notice. Modern technological advances are giving people more reasons to live fast-paced lifestyles and faster ways of connecting with others around the globe. Cellphones, laptops, and the television: all these devices serve to give people the feeling of oneness with others who are living in cities located halfway around the globe. And these devices are fodder for techno-geeks who just love to find out how everything works and to find ways for constantly improving technology.

However, there is one thing that everyone seems to have taken for granted despite its role as a huge necessity for every device that gives people a speedy way to connect. That thing is the PCB or the printed circuit boards that lie at the very heart of every electronic device invented in the 21st century. These devices include everything you can ever think of, such as:

Gaming consoles like the PlayStation, the Xbox, etcetera, as well as the miniature versions like the PlayStation Portable or PSP.
Portable music players like the MP3, iPod, and many others.
Gadgets used for entertainment purposes such as portable DVD players, Blu-Ray disc players, tablets, the iPad, eBook readers, and so on.
Printed Circuit BoardsPrinted circuit boards have simplified the way electrical wirings are connected inside these devices. The PCB also provides mechanical support for all the different components that give all the devices listed above their own unique characteristics and their various multi-functional abilities. The mechanical support comes from the way that the circuit board conducts power or signals to the different components that make the device run. And what most people do not know is that anybody can assemble a PCB and its components at home.

A person who is interested in assembling printed circuit boards would first have to determine what his purpose for the PCB would be. This is because each electronic device has its own conductor pattern that corresponds to how the device is going to be used. He would also have to understand that there are 3 different types of PCB for him to choose from:

PCBs with only one conductor pattern printed onto the surface of a laminated copper sheet. These are often referred to as single-sided PCBs.
PCBs with two conductor patterns that are layered together on both sides of the same copper sheet. These are more known as double-sided PCBs.
PCBs that contain multiple conductor patterns on numerous sheets of double-sided plates. These are known as multi-layer PCBs.
The multi-layer PCB is the most difficult type of PCB to manufacture. This is because there are a lot of considerations that have to be remembered in order to ensure that the PCB would function as required. These considerations include the thickness parameter of each of the substrate layers, the ‘kiss’ pressure of the hydraulic press for printing the schematic design, and a lot of other tiny details that contribute to the usefulness of the resulting product.

The size and complexity of multi-layer printed circuit boards is the reason why it is quite impossible for people to assemble these at home as a hobby. A lot of equipment would be needed for the assembly, and the hobbyist would have to possess a keen attention to detail so that he wouldn’t make mistakes in attaching the components to the surface of the circuit board. One small mistake is tantamount to a totally defective PCB. Besides, multi-layer PCBs are also more expensive.

Always keep in mind that a defective single-sided PCB can easily be replaced without making a big dent on the budget, but replacing a defective multi-layer PCB can lead one to near-bankruptcy.

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Operation Enobosarm

f you are looking for a safer alternative to build lean muscle mass or to combat osteoporosis, osteopenia, muscle sarcopenia, or even andropause, you might want to consider Enobosarm over your traditional anabolic steroids. This is because while they might have the same effects, Enobosarm—also known as Ostarine or MK-2866—can limit these effects only to those tissues that need it. While the use of your garden variety anabolic steroid could be comparable to carpet-bombing your system by bombarding it with androgen, Ostarine works more in the manner of a precise and calculated airstrike.

This is because Ostarine, a selective androgen receptor modulator, forms a customized response to your specific needs. It only affects the tissues that require treatment while sparing the rest, thus minimizing the risk of undesirable side effects. If you are looking to start your own Operation Enobosarm, whether as a necessary medical treatment or as a muscle-building aid when proper nutrition and regular exercise are both futile, here are some things to take into consideration first:

enobosarmFirst, check the legal status of the substance. Ostarine is still an investigational new drug, but note that it is already banned in sports events. This is because selective androgen receptor modulators may produce the same effect as anabolic steroids to aid athletes in increasing stamina and fitness. The World Anti-Doping Agency has banned the substance as early as 2008, along with drawing up blood and urine testing procedures—even if at the time not a single formulation of the drug has seen clinical use. Note, however, that if the drug does see clinical use, athletes may still use Enobosarm and other selective androgen receptor modulators provided they have a legitimate prescription.

Next, do your research well. Make sure the investigational new drug fits your needs best, and that you are in fact allowed to use it. Aside from reading up on basic information regarding Ostarine and other selective androgen receptor modulator variants available, you can look into discussions in forums, blogs, or communities online. Don’t limit yourself to comments and testimonials on the websites of suppliers—visit sites providing independent reviews as well, as these may even be more important and informative. These sites are easy enough to find, and could be very helpful in a lot of ways.

You will be able to go over previous threads and see individual experiences with the drug—you can gather a considerable amount of firsthand tips on the subject. Also, you will be able to easily ask any questions you might have in mind regarding Ostarine and other selective androgen receptor modulators. Finally, by going over the experiences posted online, you will be able to find out who the recommended suppliers of Ostarine are. This information can provide the pros and cons of each supplier.

Seeking personal firsthand referrals is still the best way to determine reliable and credible suppliers of the drug. Naturally, it is even better to get referrals from friends or acquaintances that you do trust. Don’t be lured into buying from the first supplier you see online; do background checks first before diving in.

Aside from the supplier, you also have to check the manufacturer—ensure that the latter has adequate facilities, personnel, and technology to produce quality selective androgen receptor modulators. Make sure both supplier and manufacturer are respected and reliable names in the industry, so you will not regret your purchase in the future. If you are trying to harness these developments in selective androgen receptor modulators for your business, it is best to leave these details to your research and development team for a more thorough and scientific consideration of all factors involved.